This Warms a Mothers Soul…….



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7 responses to “This Warms a Mothers Soul…….

  1. Gina

    AAWW. How sweet.Do they always read naked?

  2. Emily Loria

    Now come on really Trish, what’s better than blog surfing. Hope you make yourself known next time you stop in!

  3. The Pace Posse

    Those are such sweet pictures. Cooper looks like pure joy in that last pic.

  4. Jennifer P.

    I thought I’d stop by and check out YOUR blog now :)! Such a cute family. I love when my boys sit and read together. Glad you stepped out of the shadows!

  5. Eryn

    So sweet! It’s nice when these moments surface and you think…maybe they DO like each other! At least that’s what happens in my house!

  6. Trish

    Read naked? Not always. Sleep mostly naked? Yes. Always. They are their fathers children after all!

  7. Erica

    They are so adorable! What handsome little men! I love it when our boys read together…those times are about over, they both can read now! Hunter tries to tell us he can’t read at times just so we’ll read with him!! I miss you!!!

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