He did it!!

My husband has graduated from college! It has been a long hard road for him and our family, but it is over! I am very proud of him. College is not easy when your young and fresh out of high school. Imagine doing it 20 years out of high school, with a wife, two kids and a full-time job! We are so thankful to have that season in our lives over and look forward to the next adventure that God has in store for our family.


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4 responses to “He did it!!

  1. The Aldridge's

    Congrats Dave!! We are proud of you! As a graduation present I think it would be appropriate if Trish gave you (and the whole family) a trip to … Chicago! What do you think?

  2. michelle

    Congratulations to YOU and to Dave : )Happy New Year!

  3. Shannon

    YEAH!! Congratulations!!!! What an accomplishment.ps. those admin comment deletes just peek my curiousity… =)

  4. Trish

    That first comment was spam. I like to just get rid of them so no one clicks on the links.

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