Home from Disneyland

We had a great time! I am so exhausted and have not had a chance to download my over 200 pictures. Don’t worry I won’t post them all!
I really need a vacation to recover from my vacation.
Busy week, preparing for graduation in THREE days! This has been a long road for my hubby, so we are celebrating!
I’ll get disney pics up soon.



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8 responses to “Home from Disneyland

  1. Kelli

    Hey, we missed you guys tonight! Was the party fun? Not so fun with out us, I’m sure…but, at least you had Tom to keep everyone laughing! Now that graduation is here I guess that means we’ll be seeing you guys again on Tues nights? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Your Mama

    Do you want to use some of my 300 pictures? I have them downloaded and can just send them to you.

  3. The Aldridge's

    Welcome home! What’s Dave graduating from? (It’s a bummer to be out of loop living here in the Midwest.)MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  4. Gina

    Hey, I have some great pictures of Ben! Actually, Caleb does. I can sure tell who is on the back end of the camera. Send me some of your good ones of Caleb. Thanks.

  5. michelle

    wow! you have been busy!!!When’s Dave’s party? Are we invited? : ) Your blog face lift looks great and festive. The picture on the staircase is a hoot. I’ll have to remember that one. Glad you’re home safe… and that you’re not going to post all 200 pics!

  6. Lee Ann

    Yah, we missed you! I’ve been checking every day to see when you were home. Looking forward to the pics.

  7. Shannon

    I know what you mean! I ALWAYS need a vacation from vacation! Can’t wait to see pics.


    Hi Tricia! It’s been a while, but I found you through Michelle….I love catching up with people that I knew “way back when”:-)

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