Tonight I colored………

really. That’s what I did. Me, a color book, and a box of crayons. It started out with Cooper asking me to color with him, so I told him that we could color for a few minutes before bed. He has a giant coloring book with the Nick Jr. characters, so he picked out a Backyardigans page for me to color and a Diego page for himself. He pulled out the giant box of crayons and markers, and I went to my secret crayon stash for my barely used, still sharp, unbroken box of 24 Crayola Crayons. You see, I am a self confessed crayon snob, just like Shannon is a self confessed tree snob. I could actually not care less about my Christmas Tree, but my crayons MUST be Crayola, and they must be new and unbroken. So I keep a stash, and when they no longer meet my standards I add them to my children’s collection. I know, it’s petty and superficial and shallow and wasteful and all those things, but it’s who I am. Every year during the back to school sales I stock up on crayons. At 20 cents per box, I can afford to supply my habit with five boxes for the year. Then when I do sit down to color, I actually enjoy it!

The real issue here is not my affinity to a certain brand of crayons, it is that I really did not have the time to sit and color for as long as I did. You see, Cooper and I colored together for about 10 minutes, then he was done and it was time for bed. After I tucked both the boys in and prayed with them I went back to the coloring page instead of doing the so many other things that I should have done.

Like fold these…………

Or decorate this……………..

Instead I colored this…………….

And I enjoyed it!



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8 responses to “Tonight I colored………

  1. One Day At A Time

    That’s for telling us more about Trish! I too have stashes of “good crayons”, but can’t figure out how to keep them “mine.” Do you say “no, these are mine?” Anna wants them every time. But I do stock up at back to school and I do throw away old crayons (I know Beckie probably saves them and melts them down to make something els – I throw them). Who wants to color with a dull crayon? Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. One Day At A Time

    Oops, that should say “thanks for telling is more about Trish!” Sometimes I don’t read very carefully 🙂

  3. infarrantly creative

    Ok that is so funny what Lee Ann said because I was totally going to post how I just melted crayons down. HA HA…she is getting to know me too well. Anywho I just wanted to say your artwork is frameable. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not creative! 😀

  4. Kris

    I love to color too! And I’m a crayon (Crayola) snob! We should color together sometime instead of rearranging everything in your house!

  5. Shannon

    Tree snob, crayon snob….we all have our thing =) That’s what makes us spethel (special)

  6. Trish

    WWBD – what would Beckie do? I thought of Beckie that night as I was throwing out all the yucky crayons (IE. NOT CRAYOLA!)LeeAnn, I keep MY crayons hidden in my room and when we sit down to color my boys don’t actually notice that I have new crayons because they have a big collection to choose from. They are boys and are not into the details of coloring! I am sure that it is very different with girls who would notice the details.Thanks Beckie, I have the picture hanging in my entry way right alongside the boys’ artwork!Shannon, you’re right, we are all spethel! BTW I really like your family tree and I see nothing wrong with being a tree “snob”.Kris, your’re on. Next time you come see me we are coloring!!

  7. Mrs. D

    I absolutely love to color… I forgot how much I love to! Now that I have an almost 2 year old who is starting to color I have an excuse to do it again… without total shame from my hubby. He could never stay in the lines. I hope to share with my daughter my love of coloring.. I do agree with you on Crayola. I also am with you on the shape and tip of the crayon. I often look for the ones in her color box that haven’t been used and go for those ones. Kudos to you for embracing your inner coloring child and letting her color such a pretty picture. There really isn’t much better than a fresh coloring book… such possiblities.

  8. Kelli

    Great coloring pic! All the rest of that stuff will be there again tomorrow to work on! :):)

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