Calgon take me away…….

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and worn out. It has been one of those weeks. I look around and it looks as if nothing has been done around my house. When the reality is that I have spent all my spare time this week making a milk carton costume and finishing the chocolate chip cookie costume that my mom started and then mailed to me. The costumes were a big hit, everyone thought they were so cute and creative and at one house those costumes even scored extra candy for my kids because as the lady put it “you just don’t see original, innocent, homemade costumes like that anymore”. That means that extra candy is really mine, right? So while the costumes were cute, there is a sense of disappointment that it is all over.

The other issue that has me overwhelmed is that my dryer broke last Friday. Ugghhh, do you know what a pain it is to be without a dryer? Over the weekend I kept up with the laundry just by doing a load and then immediately hanging it on the wood clothes rack (that I normally use for camping!). But as the week has gone by it has not been easy keeping up. The repairs were scheduled to be done yesterday, but after figuring out what it would cost to have them come repair it I decided I could just buy a new dryer for a little more. Then I did a little research online and decided that I could probably fix this one myself. I would just need to get the parts. No problem, there is a Sears repair store down in SE Portland that has the parts in stock. I just need the two hours (minimum) that it will take to get down there to pick them up, so it will have to wait until Saturday. Until then, I have laundry hanging all over my living room and bathroom and a pile that needs to be washed but I am out of hanging room.


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4 responses to “Calgon take me away…….

  1. Lee Ann

    Hang in there! There is a light at the end of the tunnel and your costumes were THE BEST!you go girl….fixing your own dryer. I hope it works….soon!

  2. Gina

    I think some of that candy actually belongs to Mom. They were cute, though. I kind of had a picture of what mom meant- but they were cuter than I imagined. Yes, I know what it is like to have a dryer fritz out on you. I hope that you washer spins well…

  3. Big Sista

    You can Do it! Make me proud! OR Come over and we’ll dry all your clothes and play games!

  4. Gina

    Trish, Where are you? Did the washer break, too? Are you out at the river beating your clothes on the rocks? Not fair of you to get me all blog-happy and then just leave me hanging!

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