Right or Left Brained

I found this rather interesting, especially after the coffee bean picture:


Weird thing is that when I first looked at the dancer she was spinning counter clockwise (making me left brained) then I scrolled down and read what that meant. When I scrolled back up and looked at her again I saw her spinning clockwise……………I think I’m going crazy.

What do you see?



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5 responses to “Right or Left Brained

  1. Gina

    She only goes clockwise- ever.Big picture? Impetuous? Yeah, that’s me.

  2. Big Sista


  3. Lee Ann

    clockwise. But, I certainly don’t agree with everything under the “right brain” column

  4. Shannon

    I clicked on the the link, watch, closed it, and opened it again about 5 times. Each time she would go a different direction. Once I even just sat and watched for a couple minutes and eventually she changed directions (when that happened the screen blipped) I don’t think it has anything to do with right/left brain. I think its just a hoax personally.

  5. Trish

    I have looked at this so many times and almost always see her spinning counter-clockwise. Sometimes I see her spinning clockwise, and sometimes she changes direction in the middle of my looking at her. Hoax? I do not believe so, for two reasons: I have looked at her with other people present (twice) and each time I see her spinning counter-clockwise while the other person sees her spinning clockwise, and once she changed directions on me, but not on the other person watching. Second reason I do not think it is a hoax is because I do believe that the website (Mercola.com) is a very trustworthy site, one that I refere to quite often for medical/health related info……….I find it fascinating that there is so little known about how our brains actually function.

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