For Kris and LeeAnn

I was hoping to just be able to post finished product pictures and tell the story about how this came about (just a little hint…..I got the cabinets for free!!), but because the guys I work for are doing the work when they have time, I am at their mercy for the finished product. So here are some pictures I took last weekend while the tile was setting. Since my camera broke right before we started this project I wasn’t able to take a before shot, so I will have to search the archives for a picture that shows the cabinets I had before.

The guys are having to build and hang one more cabinet for above my stove (micro-hood), re-hang my microwave, and put up the crown moulding. I still need to touch up my grout and paint, do the caulking, put the electrical covers back on and re-attach my base trim.

The “graffiti” says “I love Dave”. I decided that since my microwave was going back up there it would be a fun thing just leave. The red paint ran down the wall though, so it looks a little creepy.
More pictures to come, I can’t get any more to download to blogger for some reason……….


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5 responses to “For Kris and LeeAnn

  1. Lee Ann

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! It’s looking awesome! I would love to see a before pic. God is good!

  2. ginagae

    I am absolutely green with envy. I want to cry. Sure your kitchen looked like crap- but now mine has to look like crap all on it’s own. I’m the last one left with a crappy kitchen. I might need therapy….

  3. Eryn Kesler

    Beeeutiful! nice work on the grout!

  4. Big Sista

    That looks preety cool.

  5. michelle

    it’s looking wonderful! love the back splash. ( i know how much work that is!) when we remodeled we ended up doing some of the tiling and grouting ourselves to try to stay on budget. it was torture!

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