Fish Update…….

The fish are Dwarf Platies, and it appears that Bubbles is actually with child, or shall i say with fry. I “Googled” the information and came up with a picture that looks exactly like Bubbles with her white belly. The info i read said that she and Flipper would probably eat the fry unless they are protected in a “breeding net”. So, do I go buy the “breeding net” or allow nature to take its course? HHMMMM…….



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2 responses to “Fish Update…….

  1. Judy C

    You know, if they want to eat their babies…let them. That’s my opinion. By the way, if you like swimming pets, I have a couple of frogs you can have…FREE! They are great visual aids for talking to your kids about reproduction.Bye!

  2. Julie

    your fish story is cracking me up..actually your ‘pet’ stories! Poor Tucker…leaving his cute little buddies to live with a bachelor! 😉 I found a picture of you somewhere here on your blog so now I know who I’m looking for at church! 🙂 I totally know who you are and Cooper is in Connor’s class. How funny. Cooper is adorable.

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