Notes from our life

Today was school pictures. Ben did not chose the suggested blue polo with stripes. I’m okay with that. We were trying to figure out how he could get away with wearing the funny glasses (see Stink-Bombs and Carnival Prizes) but decided that it could create problems with other students who didn’t have the cool, fuuny glasses to wear in their pictures and whose mothers would probably scream if the prints came home with their child in them. So only the normal glasses went to school today.
You know how most children have a security item? A lovey, binky, or blanky? A bond with that special item that makes them feel secure and safe? Ben has Squishy, a gift from his older cousin Andrew.

(yes, he’s really asleep and yes, that is where squishy was when I checked on him)

And Nutter Squishy (as in another squishy), there on the floor. My lame attempt at replacing a once lost Squishy.

They were so close to being similiar. Or so I thought. Who knew that he would be rejected based on minor differences? So what if Squishy has felt feet and Nutter Squishy has silk. Who cares that Nutter Squishy still had his stuffing in his nose, his right ear still intact and a slightly different bowtie? Apparently my then 18 month old did. Luckily Squishy was found within a few days, and Nutter Squishy took his place as a favorite floor decoration.

So, what is Cooper’s security item? Well, funny you should ask. We tried to get him attached to Nutter Squishy, but he rejected him also.

Cooper is attached to…………………..


Not just any face, but MY face. Although Daddy’s and Dutter’s (brothers) will do in a pinch. He will walk up to me at random times, usually fueled by exhaustion and ask for “face, mama”. That means that he wants me to hold him and allow him to cup my face in his tiny, often grubby and sweaty hands. He holds my face and squeezes my ear lobes, sometimes just a few seconds of “face” is all he needs, othertimes it is necessary to have a full on snuggle time of “face”. This past summer, I worked on limiting “face” time to just in the evenings and mornings at home, just as any parent starts to put limits on kids’ security items. But every so often he will still approach me while we are out and about with a request for “face, mama”. I usually indulge him.

Someday his wife will thank me!


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  1. Big Sista

    We have so many memories of Squishy. We had 3 of them exactly alike. One for the bed, one in the wash and one in the arms of Andrew. One day Andrew realized that there was more than one squishy. Watching your baby solve his first math problem is priceless. We tried to branch out by getting Squishy Deer, Blue Squishy, and Two Squishy(the one with the slightly different bow tie and silky feet)There is NO substitute for the REAL Squishy!Andrew is almost 11 now, and Squishy is tucked safely away in the “Andrew Baby Box”.

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