Is this bad of me?

Tonight at dinner the topic of “school picture day” came up. It is a week from tomorrow, and fortunately Ben had a haircut last week, so we don’t have to worry about the week after his haircuts before his hair looks normal again. But we did discuss what he should wear for picture day. This year Ben has taken to picking out his own clothes, he often says to me “I’m seven mom, I can chose what I’m going to wear” then promptly puts on what I have suggested. He does like to look good! So during the discussion about what to wear for picture day I suggest a nice polo style shirt that is blue with multi-colored stripes. He agrees to wear it with his brown cargo pants (Yes, I know, the pants don’t show in the picture…….) Only then did I remember that for his kindergarten pictures he had on a blue polo style shirt with stripes

and for his first grade pictures he wore a different blue polo style shirt with stripes.

So, I am wondering if we should continue the picture day theme, and if we do, I feel like it would now have to continue all the way through grade school, or should we hang up the blue polo shirts with stripes and go with something else? At least it’s not as bad as the school pictures that shows my sister Kris in a shirt one year and me in the same shirt the next year. But, we have not started school pictures for Cooper yet…this could be fun!


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6 responses to “Is this bad of me?

  1. ~Kelli~

    I would have to vote to retire the blue stripes and find a new theme for this year! Just to keep it interesting you know… 🙂

  2. infarrantly creative

    Ok your boy is photogenic! What a good looking kid. I think the blue shirt with stripes is cute. But I vote to retire it. Because he probably won’t be too keen on it one year and it will be a bummer to ruin the streak.

  3. Shannon

    just make him wear the EXACT SAME one EVERY YEAR….that will really show how much he has grown! lol

  4. Big Sista

    I agree with Shonnon.

  5. Big Sista

    oops! I Meant Shannon.

  6. sis Jenn

    You totally crack me up. I vote that the blue shirt goes as well. What the heck, just let him pick out his picture outfit.

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