Introducing my son Tuba

I need to share this because it was rather funny. The other day at Coop’s first day of Little Kickers, I took him onto the field to check him in, and the gal checks his name off on the list and directs him over to the other coach, who was a young adult male (maybe 20?). So they start their practice and I go sit on the bleachers ouside of the almost sound-proof plexiglass to watch. About 20 minutes into the practice I decided to sneak in and try to get some pictures. As I am crossing the field I hear the male coach call for Tuba to pass the ball, and I think “Tuba, what a funny name, it must be a nickname or something”. I get across the field and position myself to get some pictures, and I hear the coach call Tuba again. This time I look, and he seems to be talking to Cooper. Okay, that seems weird, but I just let it pass, maybe I heard him wrong. But then it happens again, and this time he is speaking directly to Cooper. That is when it dawned on me that instead of looking at the list, this coach asked Cooper what his name was, to which Cooper likely replied “Toopah”, that is what it sounds like when he says his name, and it was then translated to Tuba. So for the first 25 minutes of practice this guy was calling my kid Tuba!
I kindly corrected the coach……….



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4 responses to “Introducing my son Tuba

  1. infarrantly creative

    love it, that is one for the books. Write that down, that is adorable

  2. Shannon

    that is so funny!

  3. Judy C

    Hi Trish! Loved the tuba story! OK, I signed up for a google account so I can leave comments on your blog, even if I don’t have time to do my own. 🙂

  4. sis Jenn

    This was such a funny story but then you always have funny stories when it comes to your kids. More than anyone I know. Can I see your hole? hee hee

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