Oh, crafty me

I did it! I made a craft! My friend Shannon is the craftiest person I know, and she is always posting her fun ideas on her blog. A while back she posted a sample of her ‘altered tin cans’. They were so cute that I thought I’d give it a try. Someday. Then just the other day she posted again about the cans, only this time her kids made them as gifts for their teachers (eightcrazy: Teacher Gifts). So I decided that if her 8 year old and 5 year old could do this, then I certainly had a shot at crafting success. So we started eating the peaches and pineapple in the pantry so that mommy could use the cans.
Here are the pictures from my evening of craftiness:
The “stuffings”
The finished products are for birthday gifts for my nephews whose birthdays we are celebrating at the “Rosebrook Family Quarterly Birthday Party” today.
Check out Shannon’s post at eightcrazy: Altered Tin Cans for instructions.

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One response to “Oh, crafty me

  1. Shannon

    You did it! They turned out soooo CUTE! What a cute gift!

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