Here comes the tooth fairy…..

Benjamin has a loose tooth! It is his first. He is a little behind in the loose tooth department. Most kids start losing their teeth around the age of five, not this kid. I was getting a little concerned that he may never lose his baby teeth so at his last dentist appointment I shared my concern with the hygienist. She assured me that he would be losing them soon, and even pointed out that one of his bottom teeth had acquired a bit of a wiggle, not much, but there was wiggle. Now four months later that tooth has a little more wiggle to it. Tonight Ben was trying to get Cooper to feel his loose tooth. Cooper said “is it ‘dross’ (gross)?”, to which Ben replied, “aww, c’mon Coop, we share the same DNA”.


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One response to “Here comes the tooth fairy…..

  1. Shannon

    ok, his response to his brother…HILARIOUS!

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