We’re off…..

to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz, we hear he is a whiz of a wiz if ever a wiz there was……

Okay, so really we are off for our first vacation of the summer (unless a weekend camping trip counts as a vacation). It is also our last vacation of the summer…but who cares, we were not even expecting one at all this summer so this is a bonus blessing!!!!

Dave’s sister secured a large house in Sunriver so we are heading there in the morning, along with her family, Dave’s brother and his family, and his mom and dad. I am sure that every Tom, Dick and Harry will also be in Sunriver, but like I said, who cares, it is a vacation and aint nothin gonna bother me.

Actually, just one complaint…………..I gotta get us all packed!

Pics and posts after the weekend, and I am sure I’ll have some good tales to tell of the long weekend with the family.


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